Hybrid Viscoelastic Foam

This product combines the pressure-relieving properties of viscoelastic foam with the excellent recovery and resilience of latex foam. Unlike traditional viscoelastic foams, it does not leave deep body impressions during the recovery stage. It has exceptional durability and stability.

Gelflex Plus Foam

This “phase-change” material is encapsulated within the gel particles. It is designed to absorb or give off heat to maintain a specific temperature. This is the mechanism that regulates sleeping-surface temperature.

Gelflex Plus will cycle back and forth between heating and cooling an infinite number of times.

Phase-change material has 10 times the heat capacity of regular foam, keeping heat away from the body.

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Viscoelastic Gel Foam

Domfoam is the only company in Canada producing viscoelastic foam enhanced with gel technology. This unique technology produces improved heat conductivity compared to regular open cell visco foam while at the same time reducing pressure points and increasing support for recessed parts of the body.

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