Domfoam offers a full range of products to satisfy the needs of both the indoor- and -furniture industries. In addition to a complete range of conventional and reduced-burn-rate foams, we manufacture high-resilience and viscoelastic foams. We supply fibre-wrapped foam as well as shredded foam for use as cushion-fill material.

Floor Covering

We were the first company in Canada to manufacture re-bonded foam flooring underlay. We produce densities ranging from 3 lb/ft3 to10 lb/ft3, incorporating a variety of backing materials including moisture barrier and mesh.


Domfoam has a complete line of foam for the bedding industry, from 1 lb/ft3 conventional foam through 6 lb/ft3 viscoelastic foam. We can laminate layers of foam of various properties and compression-wrap the finished product to reduce shipping costs. Domfoam has wide selection of mattresses and pillows. We offer molded viscoelastic pillows in traditional and contoured shapes. Both styles are manufactured in our plant.