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Polyurethane foam can offer a multitude of transformations. This vast range of possibilities can meet needs sometimes unexpected.

Blocks and Rounds

We manufacture foam in rectangular and round profiles. Rectangular blocks can vary from 75” to 82” in width with heights up to 48” depending on the grade. Blocks can be cut to any length to a maximum of 50 feet. Round buns are 39” in diameter and can be cut to any length.

Cut to Size

We can cut foam to virtually any shape to meet our customers’ requirements using a variety of cutting equipment including the most up to date CNC machines.


Peeling from round buns can be performed on widths up to 160” at thicknesses from 1/32” to 1-1/4”. Finished roll lengths vary according to thickness.


We offer a number of different convolute patterns including the traditional egg crate shape as well as multi-zone and box-cut styles for mattress toppers.


In our gluing operation we produce mattresses comprised of different foam grades to give unique support features. Seat and back cushions of complex shape and construction are produced by gluing multiple components together.


We have a number of packaging options including vacuum and compression wrapping to meet retailers’ requirements as well as to reduce shipping costs.

Shredding / Bonding

In our shredding operation we take scrap foam and reduce it to small chips.We offer finished particle sizes from ¼” to 1-1/4”. Shredded foam can be sold in loose form in bags or can be further processed to produce blocks of rebonded foam in densities ranging from 2 lb/ft3 to 10 lb/ft3.


Foam can be molded into any shape. We currently offer two shapes of molded viscoelastic pillows – a traditional pillow shape and a contour pillow shape.

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