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Technical foam

Some foams are designed to meet demanding technical needs. By their specific formulations, these foams can control the following characteristics.

Anti-microbial foam

Polyurethane foam under certain conditions combining both heat and high humidity is susceptible of growing microorganisms. If this is a concern, additives can be introduced into to the foam formula to prevent bacteria, yeast or fungi from growing.

Anti-static foam

Foam can be used in packaging, textile and in other applications, anti-static agents are added to the foam to minimize the electrical resistance of the foam so that buildups of static electrical charges are minimized.

Hydrophobic foam

Foam naturally absorbs water. Sponges are commonly manufactured from polyurethane foam. At Domfoam, we can manufacture foam that does not absorb water!


Laminated foam is a product of laminating roll foam with fabrics or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for various industrial uses.

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