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An established company since 1963
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Foam Polyurethane Domfoam

Solutions that meet your needs for comfort in your living environment.

Technology Domfoam

All products used or sold by Domfoam Inc. contain no CFC's and are recycled where possible ensuring a healthier environment in the future.

BioPlush Foams

Bioplush is an innovative new flexible foam product derived by combining natural renewable resources. As BioPlush is manufactured from natural vegetable oils such as soybean, it significantly decreases the dependence on fossil fuels like petroleum. All the foams produced at Domfoam are BioPlush.

Viscoelastic (memory) Foams

Our open cell visco foams come from a unique open cell visco technology. Typical memory foam is considered by many consumers as "too hot". The reason is that memory foam is a good insulating material.

Open Cell Visco solves this problem by providing three methods of cooling:

  • Dynamic Cooling
  • Latent Cooling
  • Greater Heat Conductivity

This results in a superior comfort for a better sleep.

We also manufacture SpringFlex and GelFlex foams.

We are CertiPur accreditated.

Lien produits

Domfoam Products

A range of products to meet multiple daily applications.

Domfoam Products

Domfoam Markets

Variety of markets to serve multiple sectors of the economy.

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